Run Run It's Him has adult content and discussions of a sexual nature. The documentary is meant for educational purposes. If you are under 18 or have parents that won't be happy if you learn about porn addiction then do not watch Run Run It's Him because we don't want to hear from your angry parents.

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Has Matthew been wasting his life?

He's 29 years old with four memberships at adult video stores, 55 tapes of compiled porn, and absolutely nothing to show for it: no girlfriend, no ambition, only a big stack of porn.

Enter RUN RUN IT'S HIM, an autobiographical documentary exploring in intimate detail how Matthew's addiction to porn has warped his understanding of women and dominated his personal relationships.

Shot over the course of 7 years, RUN RUN IT'S HIM follows Matthew as he interviews his parents, ex-girlfriends, female acquaintances, and a fellow porn connoisseur, struggling to figure out what went wrong before it's too late.

Winner for Best Documentary,
2011 PollyGrind Film Festival (Las Vegas)

Shown at:
CineKink (New York)
Seattle True Independent Film Festival
Berlin Porn Festival
New York New Filmmakers Festival
Pop Porn Festival (Sao Paulo)

"People have asked me whether I think my friend Matt Pollack was influenced by my personal films, when he made "Run Run It's Him" and I tell them they'd have to ask him. But I'll say this, Matt has done in his debut film, what I was not honest enough to do in every one of my films. Spoke the truth.

See Run Run It's Him, the film I would have made if I'd had the guts."

- Alan Zweig, director of "Vinyl","I, Curmudgeon", and "When Jews Were Funny"

"Saw your doc and loved it!"

- William Lustig, mastermind of Blue Underground, director of "Maniac" and "Maniac Cop"

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